BSNYC Friday Fun Quiz–in Exile!

May 13, 2011

If you’ve visited my blog “BikeSnobNYC” recently, you may have noticed three things:

1) You can’t leave a comment;

2) Yesterday’s (that’s Thursday’s) post has mysteriously disappeared;

3) It makes frequent visual reference to a naked lady on a recumbent.

While I take full responsibility for that third issue, the first and second have nothing to do with me.  Rather, the large popular search engine and worldwide Internet concern that administers my blog (as well as all “Blogger” blogs) is having technical difficulties, which means I (along with anyone else using Blogger) am unable to “curate” any posts until these technical difficulties are resolved.  This has been going on since yesterday afternoon sometime, and I have no idea what sort of problems would cause an outage of this duration, but my guess is that the subjects in the popular search engine’s secret vivisection lab have finally escaped and are laying waste to Mountain View, CA even as I type this.

Either that, or else some overpaid nerd spilled fair trade coffee all over a server somewhere.  Or maybe there really is something to this whole “Friday the 13th” thing.

Anyway, as you can imagine, being unable to access my own blog is disconcerting to say the least.  Indeed, I’d go so far as to say it’s deeply unsettling, and the sensation is akin to that of being banned from your own home, or not being able to fondle your own privates.  But while a lesser Bike Snob–say, Bike Snob DC for example–might subscribe to the “If it rains take the bus” philosophy and use this as an excuse not to post (and indeed Bike Snob DC hasn’t posted for like two years now), I am a dedicated and attention-hungry media whore who fears nothing more than disappointing the many people who think my blog has totally “jumped the shark.”  I’ve also realized what a precarious situation I’m in, being at the mercy of a popular search engine and all, and so I’ve hastily assembled this ramshackle substitute.  Think of it as sort of a “pit blog” or “beater blog,” and while I hope I don’t have to rely on it too much in the future it’s at least reassuring that it’s here.  (At least it’s reassuring to me, I doubt anybody else really cares.)

Also, I should point out that my daily Giro blog over at “Bicycling” remains unaffected, as does my popular cooking blog, “Delicious Things You Can Do With Meat.”  (If I may be immodest, today’s post about meat breakfast cereals served in meat bowls is not to be missed.)

In any case, given the extenuating circumstances, I’ve decided to extend the deadline for the “There Will Be Action Wipes” contest, which previously had been set to close today:

Hopefully the overpaid bunch of Nick Burnses over at the popular search engine can get this mishigas sorted out before the weekend is up, and in the meantime I’ll continue to accept submissions through Sunday.  Speaking of submissions, erstwhile graphic savant (and new father!) Erik K (“curator” of such timeless images as the “Cosmic Kurt Loder” and “The Mescaline-Induced Curling/Bike Polo Freakout“) has outdone himself with a work of truly Hieronymous Boschian proportions:

I’m not sure it’s an “international symbol,” but from an artistic standpoint it makes the Sistine Chapel look like a skidmark on a Cat 5’s chamois.

But while I’m granting a reprieve with regard to the contest deadline, I am not letting anybody start the weekend without a quiz.  As always, study the item, think, and click on your answer.  If you’re right go buy yourself something nice, and if you’re wrong you’ll see a bicycle fight.

Thanks very much for reading, ride safe, and thanks for bearing with me In These Trying Internet Times (ITTIT). Hopefully we can all return to the usual spot on Monday.


1) In New York City, scofflaw cyclists get called “jerks” in PSAs, while speeding drivers get:

Their licenses revoked
Rewarded by funky dancing ’80s video game skeletons when they break their speeding high score

2) What is this?

A waterproof cycling jacket
An invisibility cloak
Something that will “enable you to look like a complete pr1ck”
All of the above

3) Fill in the blank: “This ain’t no ____________.”

“Hipster shit”
Foolin’ around”

4) If you need a chain guard for your recumbent, short of a full fairing, you can’t get much more aero than a Frisbee:


5) Hipsters have amateur beards; businessmen have:

Professional beards
Sculpted beards
Exquisite beards
No beards

6) These fools be:


7) This actual tattoo is the cycling equivalent of getting spaghetti sauce stains tattooed around your mouth.


***Special Lip-Themed Bonus Question***

Which term seems to be on everybody’s lips these days?

“Hot Karl”


This Is A Test…

May 13, 2011

…of the emergency BSNYC/RTMS Emergency Back-Up Blog system.  In the event of primary blogular failure, auxiliary blogular postings will be available here.

Thank you,