This Is A Test…

…of the emergency BSNYC/RTMS Emergency Back-Up Blog system.  In the event of primary blogular failure, auxiliary blogular postings will be available here.

Thank you,



16 Responses to “This Is A Test…”

  1. pebes Says:


  2. fuqeu Says:

    Ahhh, podium at last. fuq me!

  3. brian berman Says:

    Two podiums in one day? No f&^%ing way!

  4. Pontius Pilate Says:



  5. Anonymous Says:

    where is everybody..Huggy up there today

  6. Cameron Says:

    What an easy top 10!

  7. Recumbabe Says:


  8. Philboyd Says:

    yeah! 1st podium ever.

  9. Recumbent Conspiracy Theorist Says:

    Test comment.

  10. David Burn Says:

    This ain’t no Mud Club

  11. aimlessjonah Says:

    really concerned about the Adonis reference in ‘professional beard’s” lamo Craig’s List hookup attempt. Was the ‘woman’ he wants to mother his children really that ambiguous in her genderways?

  12. Surly Bastard Says:

    Thank you for getting “your quiz on” Snob even in the face of the global Bloggernami. Also, you have my sympathy in having to use WordPress. I don’t know if it’s like the Campy, or Shimano of blogs. At least in those competitive brands the shifters are, for the most part, both mounted on the handlebars. WP is like seatpost mounted ergos (SPMB?) of blog platforms.

  13. BikeTode Says:

    FWIW, I can still get at yesterday’s post, video and all.

  14. Philip Williamson Says:

    Excellent quiz. If I have to click 4 times to get a right answer, is that ONE wrong answer, or three? So I either did pretty well, or I have a negative score.
    Now I need to figure out how to submit my International TTTSWRFFTPT Symbol.

  15. g-roc Says:

    Top 15 and it’s not even Friday anymore. Aimlessjonah, you beat me to it: Adonis???

  16. Wade Says:

    whoohoohoo speed!

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